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A/N: In this, you are ten years old,  and your personality is like mine. Pretty mature for your age (but you have your moments.(like me)). But I am not homeless. O-o


A short/tall (H/c) girl dashed through the streets of (c/n). She was homeless since she was five. She had to grow up quickly, since she was living on the streets. She spotted a building, pretty posh looking, and a bunch of men and some women entering. She watched them enter, as she grabbed some coins that where in the floor. Suddenly, she dropped the coins, which rolled into the crowd of people entering the building. The (e/c) eye colored kid started walking to collect the (money name in your country), but she froze as she saw a blonde man with blonde hair and glasses bend and pick up the coins.

"YO! I FOUND MONEY IN THE FLOOR-" screamed said man, but another blonde, yet this one had extremely bushy eyebrows smacked him.

"Bloody wanker! You don't need to scream, we are next to you, you know? And, second of all, you can't buy anything with that little money you found!" screamed bushy-brows.

(y/n) was having a hard time keeping her cool. A man, had just stole her money (she considered it hers since she had found it. "finders keepers", she said once) and he was entering a building in which she probably would never be allowed. Still, (y/n) needed money desperately, as she decided to risk entering the building. She waited until everyone but a short boy, who wore a red suit and had blue eyes entered. As soon as the boy (who was more like a teen or a really short young adult, she couldn't tell) entered the building, she ran to catch the automatic doors open, which she perfectly managed. She quickly hid behind a potted plant, and waited for the boy to walk away. There where some maids around, but the (h/c) haired female knew a thing or two about sneaking in places.


(Y/n) had managed to sneak all the way to the doors of  a room. She suspected the blonde guy who had taken her money to be there, since she had searched the whole facility, excluding this room. She could hear loud screaming and punches coming from the room. She was thinking if she should really enter the place, when the faint sound of a 'kolkolkol' was heard and she heard panicking voices, which soon died out and began to fight again. She stood there for a while, hearing the occasional sound of a chair being thrown, until she decided to go, get her money back, and would get the hell out of there.

She entered the room, and everybody froze. She decided this where dangerous people, so she decided to pull off an innocent girl act.

She walked towards the guy who had stolen from here, who was also frozen in place. She mentally sighed, and talked.

"Excuse me mister," she said with an innocent smile.

"M-me?" asked the man, with a look of utter shock on his face.

"Yes sir. You see, when you where entering this building you picked up some coins, right?" she asked.

Everybody starred at her. She was seriously reconsidering jumping out the nearby window. The man she was questioning nodded.

"Well, you see, I dropped them, and I would like to have them back!" she said cheerfully, thinking of how stupid she was acting. She was ten, soon-to-be eleven, for god's sake!

"H-how did you get here... T-there are maids everywhere! They would surely have noticed you enter this place!" shrieked bushy-brows, the man from before.

"How did you get in sunflower? Tell mother Russia, da?" a tall man with platinum blonde hair said.

"AYAAH! STOP SCARING THE POOR CHILD, ARU!" Screamed a shorter man, dressed like a Chinese.

"Vee~ Bella, how-a did you get here?" asked a man with a weird curl.

"Oh well... I tried playing the innocent at least..." (y/n) muttered.

"I snuck in." said the (h/c) female.

"But there is maids everivhere!" said a blonde with a German accent. What is with this place and blondes, anyways?

"I avoided them. I know a thing or two about sneaking into somewhere." said the (e/c) eye colored female.

"Wow! And what is your name?" asked a cheery blonde with brown eyes, who was standing next to a tall blonde with glasses that gave out scary vibes.

"(y/n) (l/n), I was thrown out at the age of five, I live here in (c/n). I am ten years old, but I will be turning eleven this year."  (y/n) replied.

"Poor thing aru!" said the seemingly Chinese man, as he glomped you.

"Do not pity me." you said.

"There is no need for such thing, I already surpassed the pain, and I am perfectly fine (you are acting ciel Phantomhive-ish, reader chan)" said (y/n) sternly, annoyed by the glomping she had received, and the man who had glomped her had stopped and was standing in the circle of people surrounding her.

"Love, you remind me of someone...  Earl Pahive? No, no... Was it Earl Pantamave? No, no... I can't seem to remember..." said bushy-brows.

"So, why are you here at the world meeting?I am Feliciano!" said the man with the weird curl.

"World meeting? Like, each one of you represents a country? Like the UN but for real?" asked the skeptical (h/c) girl.

"*sigh* Yes..." said China, looking down in defeat.


"Wh' w''ld 't b' ' pr'bl'm? Sh' 'lr''d' f'g'r'd 't ''t" said the scary tall blonde with glasses, as he hugged the cheery blonde who has asked you for your name, calling him his wife.

"Ah, you are right.... Well I represent the country of E-" said Bushy-Brows.

"Let me guess." said (y/n)

She pointed at the guy with bushy brows.


she turned to the guy who was the cause she was there at first place.


(y/n) turned at the only one who had given you his human name, Feliciano.


Then, she turned at the scary blonde and 'his wife'.

"Sweeden and Finland"


(y/n) had named all of the countries who had talked to you, and the other ones, who where no longer in state of shock, had presented themselves. The female countries had her get changed out of your rags and into a maid's uniform, which they found one to fit her.

She where sitting next to Liechtenstein and Hungary, since they had decided to let you stay. Switzerland, who was next to Liechtenstein, was covering her ears so she wouldn't listen to the profanities in different languages that echoed through the room, and Hungary was fighting with the "Prussian" man next to her.

As she sat there, she was sweatdropping, seeing all the childish countries fight and argue,

"Are they really older than me?"



Hetalia x Child!Reader: Are they seriously older?by PokemonTrainerFer

Literature / Fan Fiction / Humor©2014 PokemonTrainerFer

And yes, you never got your money back.


Hetalia is not mine

Either are you,

but that personality is kinda like mine.

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Sweden only has one 'e'.
Other than that, I loved it ^-^
Two, I meant two.
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*Fangirls* HE CALLED ME SUNFLOWER! *Falls off bed* ... *thumb up* worth it
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I loved the Kuro references! Kuroshitsuji for life <3!
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I dunno I'm a mix of kuudere and tsundere and a bit dandere in the story and real life. It was cute, you just turned back my feels on!!
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Me that's me when I was nine, mature but not homeless xD
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